What Type of Women Benefit from our Product?

Our Product Can Do More Than Just Prevent Cleavage Wrinkles

When it comes to cleavage wrinkles, many women are frantic to find a cure for these unsightly and seemingly unavoidable creases. Fortunately, a product exists that will safely and comfortably prevent and reduce these deep lines. Bravity® is a revolutionary sleep bra that is designed to reduce wrinkles while supporting and separating the breasts naturally. Our product is not only about preventing cleavage wrinkles and below is just some of the women who can benefit from Bravity®

Side sleepers: One of the leading causes of cleavage wrinkles is side sleeping. This is because gravity pulls one breast across the other, creating creases in your cleavage as you sleep. Overtime and without any additional protection against them, these wrinkles become permanent. 

Large and small breasted women: Your cup size has nothing to do with the development of cleavage wrinkles and all women are susceptible to them. The main culprit of these lines, for women sizes A to DD and beyond, is the type of skin on the chest. The lack of subcutaneous fat in the chest, which provides good structural support, is often the cause of cleavage wrinkles on thinner women. The less amount of fat on this area, the more prone to creases and lines your chest is. 

Pregnant women and nursing mothers: Bravity® is perfect for pregnant women and nursing mothers, as this no-cup bra comfortably separates the breasts while providing just enough support to provide relief from swelling and prevent overstretching. 

Breast surgery recovery: Our product can be an excellent support device for women who have recently undergone breast-related surgeries. From implants to cardiac surgeries, Bravity® can provide a comfortable level of support without any additional strain on the breasts, shoulders, and back. 

Active women: Sports bras are essential for keeping everything supported during a run, yoga class, or any other physical activity. Unfortunately, they tend to push the breasts together, further enhancing the appearance of cleavage wrinkles. When combined with Bravity®, women can experience the support they need, ensuring every part of their body turns out looking great. 

Bravity® is the perfect product for any woman looking for additional support. No matter your cup-size or lifestyle, our sleeping bra will offer comfortable, adjustable support and separation. You’ll be able to go about your entire day without even realizing you have it on. Buy our revolutionary product today here at Bravity.com or search for our bra at Amazon.com.