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A Letter From Andrea, Creator of Bravity®

I’ve always been taught to think differently. Both of my parents were way ahead of their time: my father was a chemist turned inventor, and my mother is a bold and inquisitive woman who encouraged me to take chances and to question societal norms. I was raised to believe that there was always a more interesting, innovative way to do things, and to find better solutions for both myself and those around me.

Throughout my personal life and business career, I’ve made it a habit not to settle for situations I didn’t like. Instead, I looked for ways to resolve them. That’s how Bravity® was born: one day, I woke up to an enormous crease creeping up my cleavage. I didn’t like the way it looked, and I hated how this blemish made me feel. I decided I was not going to allow something as trivial as a crease throw off the balance of my day.

I created Bravity® because I believe in aging with grace. For us women, aging should be a beautiful – not fearsome – process. Your cleavage is an area of the body that, when not tended to properly, can make you look much older than you really are. Bravity® was designed to help you match your body to the incredible woman that you are. Now you have a natural and safe option to prevent and diminish those bothersome lines, and while you sleep!

I took a leap of faith when I created Bravity®, and since then, I’ve seen my own life and the lives of women around me transform. Against all odds and naysayers, Bravity® has accomplished more than I could have ever imaged, including:

Bravity®’s vision is to encourage you to look and feel your absolute best, so you can start your day with the confidence you deserve. Don’t allow pesky details like a crease on your cleavage to hold you back from accomplishing what you are capable of. Start whatever fulfills you, and look amazing while doing it
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  • Our Anti-Wrinkle Bra for Sleeping in the Press

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    Our anti-wrinkle bra for sleeping is all about encouraging women to help them feel more confident and beautiful in their skin. We are proud of all the praise and awards our sleeping bra to prevent wrinkles has received, and we want to share that pride with all of our satisfied customers. Created by women, for women, Bravity® can change lives with its ability to prevent cleavage wrinkles naturally and comfortable. No longer will women need to worry about the image gravity has on their chest!

    Learn about some of our accomplishments and other valuable information about how to prevent cleavage wrinkles here on our press page. From winning the Woman Inventor of the Year award in 2016 to our As Seen on TV special with Kevin Harrington of Shark Tank, we are incredibly grateful to all of those who have contributed to our product’s success. If you’re in search of a comfortable anti-wrinkle bra for sleeping in, look no further than Bravity®! This revolutionary sleeping bra to prevent wrinkles will do your cleavage wonders.

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    We won the Woman Inventor of the Year 2016 Award for bravity® at America’s largest invention show In Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

    Our Story & Awards

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    Facebook – We’re thrilled the popular blog Kelly’s Thoughts On Things is backing Bravity! Cleavage creases are a real pain, and we offer a real solution. Check out the article: https://kellysthoughtsonthings.com/one-easy-way to-avoid-cleavage-creases/

    Twitter – Thanks @ronnkelly3 for the support of Bravity! This revolutionary bra provides much needed comfort and relief for that pesky cleavage crease. https://kellysthoughtsonthings.com/one-easy-way-to-avoid-cleavage-creases/

    Instagram – @ronnkelly dishes on all the perks of Bravity! #instawomen #support https://kellysthoughtsonthings.com/one-easy-way-to-avoid-cleavage-creases/

    As Seen on TV.pro with Kevin Harrington, original shark from Shark Tank

    Innovators Think Tank with Kevin Harrington, 
    Original Shark from Shark Tank

    Princeton Consumer Research Clinical Trial, St. Petersburg, Florida

    After just one month of wearing bravity®, 30 women reported an 18.8% crease reduction on the cleavage. See our before and after photos and judge for yourself.