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Our sleep bra is all about empowering women to help them feel more confident and beautiful. Learn about some of our accomplishments and other valuable information.

June 9, 2016: INPEX Invention & New Product Exposition

We won the Woman Inventor of the Year 2016 Award for bravity® at America's largest invention show In Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

INPEX Award INPEX ACS with Nicole Lininger

August 8, 2016: As Seen on with Kevin Harrington,
original shark from Shark Tank

As Seen On TV

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Kevin Harrington

Innovators Think Tank with Kevin Harrington,
Original Shark from Shark Tank

*Bravity® is a Registered name (January 25, 2015) as well as Patented (August 30, 2016)

October 19, 2016: Princeton Consumer Research Clinical Trial, St. Petersburg, Florida

After just one month of wearing bravity®, 30 women reported an 18.8% crease reduction on the cleavage. See our before and after photos and judge for yourself.

Princeton Research Princeton Report Shop Now

1.USA – Miami & New York, June-July 2017

a. TV Commercial with Kevin Harrington

b. Estilos Blog (Digital)

c. Siempre Mujer

2. Costa Rica - June-August 2017

a. CR Hoy (Digital News Magazine)

b. Noticias Repretel (TV)

c. El Financiero (Written Financial Press)

d. Hola Es Lola (Digital Blog)

e. FB Interview

3. Mexico - July 2017

a. Depelle

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