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A Letter From Andrea, Creator of bravity®

I had my “bra-ha!” moment several years ago when I woke up with a deep crease in between my cleavage. I did not like how it looked, and I certainly didn’t like how it made me feel. After searching for options on how to reduce cleavage wrinkles with no luck, I decided to create Bravity®. My product is an anti-wrinkle bra for sleeping in with no cups that comfortably separates and supports the breasts. This separation will prevent cleavage wrinkles from forming naturally and safely.

Several factors can contribute to the formation of creases on the cleavage, but gravity plays a crucial role. After several hours of sleeping on your side, the weight of one breast against the other is enough to create unsightly wrinkles that will become permanent over time. When you wear our anti-wrinkle bra while sleeping, you will prevent cleavage wrinkles from forming without the need for creams and fillers. Bravity® will also help you reduce cleavage wrinkles that have already shown up on your chest!

Let Bravity® take care of gravity and embrace your life. Let's divide & conquer!

Andrea Castaneda

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Andrea Castaneda

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